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Custom 3d printer for 2020: The planning. Part 1.

This year I’ve decided to make a custom 3D printer to join/replace my Anet A8. The printer will be based around a cube design which is approximately 500mm on a side.

I’ve bought pretty much everything I need but I do have some items to design and print before we get going fully. As I’m still waiting for delivery of a few small items things are on hold, but I do expect a confident start next week.

I’ll be documenting and recording videos of the project as I go. I don’t really know how this will end up, but I expect to have a working machine with quite a bit of custom circuitry. I will open source my circuits and schematics plus make some custom PCB’s where required.

Basic outline:
Initial print size will be 200×300 approx.
Based on Marlin software.
Arduino Mega 2560 board with initial RAMPS1.4 board.
2 x Z motors with custom control of each rod end stops.

More to follow.


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